"Unable to load locale categories" error for create a informix DB JDBC Adapter connection


I'm creating a informix DB JDBC Adapter connection and get this "Unable to load locale categories" error.

And I want to know how to set the informix language property (such as : DB_LOCALE=zh_TW.57352; CLIENT_LOCALE=zh.TW.57352; )in JDBC Adapter connection.

Many thanks!!

Hi Yumin,

What is your Informix version? And do you have the required JARS and drivers…

Can you share the server log/error log and also the screen shot of JDBC connection page.


 Thanks for your reply!

I am not determine the version of informix database yet,but I have successfully connected to the database by WMDB.
You can see the attachment WMDB.png,it’s the screen shot of WMDB Alias configuration,and the WMDB url is :

But when I create a JDBC Adapter connection,I got the “Unable to load locale categories” error.
You can see the error message(errorMSG.png) and the screen shot of JDBC connection configuration(JDBC.png) in attachments also.

As the version of the OS which we installed webMethods8.2.2 is Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise,and the server’s default language is english(en_us),so we cannot connect to the informix database which DB_LOCALE=zh_TW.57352 by JDBC.In WMDB Alias configuration,we can set the URL properties “DB_LOCALE=zh_TW.57352;CLIENT_LOCALE=zh_TW.57352” to solve this problem?but in JDBC connection configuration I can’t find where to config it.

Thanks for your help again!


Hi Yumin,

Its really good to see that you are able to connect through WmDB but for your information WmDB has been deprecated and SAG recommends to use JDBC Adapter for reasons like better database performance, batch operations, notification features etc.,

When I look at your attached error screen shot I assume that the error is due to the missing JAR files.

1> Did you try placing the appropriate JARS under \IntegrationServer\lib\jars

2> Restart IS and then configure the connection via JDBC adapter.

Let me know your results on this… Good luck :slight_smile:


To try these 2 options do you have .jar file from the Informix system/website or from related DBA’s?

1> Did you try placing the appropriate JARS under \IntegrationServer\lib\jars

2> Restart IS and then configure the connection via JDBC adapter.


Hi yumin,

try to add the locale settings under “Other Properties”.

Please check the settings for the JDBC-Adapter Connections as I think that some values went to the wrong fields.

Port: 9118
DatabaseName: exch

The rest should be placed under “Other Properties”, even the “informixserver=on_tcp118”-part.