Unable to load/import sample package

Hi all,

I was trying to load the following package from the wMshareware section,but the IS says
“Error: Target package does not exist, installation fails”.
I can see the package(.zip) in the manage package drop down menu.

The following is the package:

can I know what the problem is?Im using developer 6.5 with IS 6.5


That Zip file in your link is not itself an IS package, but it contains another Zip file called PropertiesUtil.zip which is one and should be copied to \replicate\inbound folder.


You are right.
I did the same thing(loading the .zip file inside the main.Zip file).I think its missing the manifest file.Im still unable to load it


This is a five-year old, member submitted sample and comes with no support whatsoever.

However, I checked the Zip and found that the manifest.rel was present, but its target_pkg_name property was incorrect. The corrected IS package is attached.

I didn’t run this, but it didn’t seem like a particularly good example. I think you may find better samples by searching the wMusers forums.

PropertiesUtil.zip (10.5 KB)