Unable to launch new Integration Server Instance

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

webMethods Integration server 10.11

Are you using a free trial or a product with a customer license?

Free Trial

What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.

Create a new instances of the Integration server using the instructions provided in the IS Admin guide. Essentially see multiple instances running on my machine.

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.

  1. Attached file “Instance_Creation output file.txt” contains the details of the output from the instance generation
  2. Attached log file “Wrapper_Log.txt” has the details of the logs when i try to start the new instance.

Have you installed latest fixes for the products


Instance_Creation output file.txt (105.8 KB)
Wrapper_Log.txt (8.6 KB)

@Jerry_kurian Do you not see the new instance called Jerry? Can you start it? If so, what do you see in the instance’s server.log file?
I looked at your attachments. When I search on APP_ERROR and APP_WARNING, I do not see any messages.
Describe why you think the instance is not available and will not run.

Hi Wayne,
I see the new instance created in the file system the attached is the output of the ANT script for the instance creation attached file “Instance_creation_output_2.txt”.
Instance_creation_output_2.txt (106.0 KB)
The folders are created under the profiles directory, attached screenshot “ScreenshotFromDirectorySystem.jpg”, the instance also appears under the start menu for Software AG.

However on trying to launch it it just terminates, atttached are the 3 runtime logs
platform.log (2.4 KB)
sag-osgi.log (55.3 KB)
wrapper.log (8.6 KB)

Let me know if I could provide any other information.

How are you starting the IS instance? Are you using startup.bat in \profiles\IS_Jerry\bin ??
You can increase the logging level during startup and routing the IS logging to the command window, by opening a command window, and typing:
startup.bat -debug Debug -log none

This will output the IS log to the command window. For the most detail, use Trace instead of Debug in the command above. Send whatever output you get from trying this.

I was starting up the instance by running the profile/instance_name/bin/startup.bat command that is how i was getting the output to the log files.

When i try your approach of startup.bat -debug Debug -log none it just open a new window and executes for a few seconds and closes itself out.

Is there any other option which i could use to get you more information. On trying the startupDebugMode.bat it just takes forever and is not givining me anything follows is the log

wrapper | Base configuration file is C:\SoftwareAG\profiles\IS_jerry\configuration\wrapper.conf
wrapper | Found #include file in C:\SoftwareAG\profiles\IS_jerry\configuration\wrapper.conf: %OSGI_INSTALL_AREA%/configuration/wrapper-license.conf
wrapper | After environment variable replacements: C:\SoftwareAG\profiles\IS_jerry/configuration/wrapper-license.conf
wrapper | Reading included configuration file, C:\SoftwareAG\profiles\IS_jerry\configuration\wrapper-license.conf
wrapper | Found #include file in C:\SoftwareAG\profiles\IS_jerry\configuration\wrapper.conf: %OSGI_INSTALL_AREA%/configuration/custom_wrapper.conf
wrapper | After environment variable replacements: C:\SoftwareAG\profiles\IS_jerry/configuration/custom_wrapper.conf
wrapper | Reading included configuration file, C:\SoftwareAG\profiles\IS_jerry\configuration\custom_wrapper.conf
wrapper | → Wrapper Started as Console
wrapper | Java Service Wrapper Standard Edition 64-bit 3.5.43
wrapper | Copyright (C) 1999-2020 Tanuki Software, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
wrapper | http://wrapper.tanukisoftware.com
wrapper | Licensed to Software AG USA, Inc. for Software AG Integration Server
wrapper |
wrapper | ---------------------------------------------------------------------
wrapper | The JVM is being launched with a debugger enabled and could possibly
wrapper | be suspended. To avoid unwanted shutdowns, timeouts will be
wrapper | disabled, removing the ability to detect and restart frozen JVMs.
wrapper | ---------------------------------------------------------------------
wrapper | Launching a JVM…
jvm 1 | Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 10033
wrapper | ------------------------------------------------------------------------
wrapper | Startup: Timed out waiting for a signal from the JVM.
wrapper | The JVM was launched with debug options so this may be because the JVM
wrapper | is currently suspended by a debugger. Any future timeouts during this
wrapper | JVM invocation will be silently ignored.
wrapper | ------------------------------------------------------------------------
wrapper |Anchor file deleted. Shutting down

At the end when it would not respond i executed the shutdown.bat command and even though the log says “Anchor file deleted” I can still see the log file at C:\SoftwareAG\profiles\IS_jerry\bin\shutdown.anchor location.
I guess I will need to restart my machine.

FYI - I am not facing any issues using the IS_Default instance so far.

Have you run SAG Update Manager after creating the instance. I recall an issue after using is_instance.bat to create a new IS instance. I had to run SUM again so that it could reapply fixes to that new instance. I think it was a fix related to log4j logging ( I think they are referred to as “Shared Bundles Loggers” in SUM)… Anyway, run SUM and it should give you the ability to re-install fixes for the IS instance.

Hi Wayne,
I no longer have a valid empower account and I am using the free trial version is there a way to make SUM work in such a case?

What products are you trying?
How much longer do you need to try them?

I am going for the core products IS, TN, MWS and UM. I would need this for about 2 weeks.

Ok, let me check if they can give you an extension.

One more question: what was your Empower userid ?

Jerry, my understanding is you use to be an SAG employee. What username (email address) are you using to launch the SAG installer and/or SUM. Your account with “@softwareag.com” has been deactivated.
Please clarify.

Hi Wayne,
That is correct I was in SAG as part of GCS, my email ID was jerry,urian@softwareag.com, most recently i have being using my customer account jkurian@us.mufg.jp to access Empower.

Currently i am just using my personal ID jerry201@gmail.com to access the forums.

I thought your name sounded familiar :slight_smile:
Let me see if I can get the customer account extended for two weeks.

Thanks Wayne appreciate it.

my most recent Emplower ID was jkurian@us.mufg.jp

Can you please try executing console.bat from *C:\SoftwareAG\profiles\IS_jerry\bin* and see if it provides more details?

Are you able to launch default instance okay in your env?


Hi Kalpesh,
The new “jerry” instance would not even start using the console.bat, attachted is the output for the same
Console._bat_Output.txt.txt (6.1 KB)

I do not have any issues starting the “default” instance.

@Jerry_kurian , there are not enough details in the .txt file that you have attached. Can you please try doing one thing and see if it makes any difference? Copy bundles.info location under profiles/IS_default/configuration/org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator to profiles/IS_jerry/configuration/org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator directory.


Hi Kalpesh,
Replacing the bundles.info file from the “default” to the specific instance allowed for the "jerry"instance to start up. I did see a few exceptions in the platform.log but for now its working.

I shall validate the instance further and keep you posted.

Thanks Wayne and Kalpesh for your help

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