Unable to launch MWS which is part of the Free Trial facing issue with SQL Server and .jass file.

I am facing the following 2 errors while trying to launch it

  1. It is unable to connect to a named SQL server. On searching other KB atricles i found the reference 1782047, and followed those steps too however it is not working.

  2. Getting the following failure for the .jass file.

Failed to refresh jaas.file.loader during adding of a new ConfigurationFilter
java.io.IOException: Error parsing jaas configuration: file:/C:/Installation/SoftwareAG_Trial_100/profiles/MWS_default/configuration/jaas.config

Attached is the _full.log for this problematic server.
Appreciate your help.
full.log|attachment (546 KB)

This issue is now resolved.

The jaas.config file issue was resolved by updating the file system properties, not sure why that was needed.
The Database issue was resolved by resinstalling.