Unable to get profiles from TN


I’m currently using WM 6.1 and I’m trying to send EDI data out. When I execute service wm.EDIINT.util:getProfileFromTN and input both either the internal/external id’s it runs to completion (no errors. However, when I try to execute the wm.EDIINT:send service which uses the aforementioned service, I am receiving an error that it’s unable to retrieve the profiles from TN. I am completely stumped on how to resolve this issue. Any help on this would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Please elaborate more on your flow about invoking of the above mentioned service.

Is your flow like this
wm.EDIINT.util:getProfileFromTN and the outputs then mapping to



Yes, here’s a little more detail on the flow:

wm.EDIINT.util:getProfileFromTN (gets receiverid - obtained from bizdoc)
wm.EDIINT.util:getProfileFromTN (gets senderid - obtained from bizdoc)
wm.EDIINT:send (it fails in this step)

There’s a sequence in the wm.EDIINT:send service that also executes the getProfileFromTN service and it fails here. I’m confused as to why it would be able to retrieve the profile in the prior step, but fails in this one.

When I simply run the getProfileFromTN service and manually input both the internal/external id’s for the Trading Partners, it works.

Please let me know if you need additional information to assist.

Thank you so much for your help RMG!!!


The wm.EDIINT.send() uses the TNExternalID type for Profile retrieval/getProfileFromTN(). Please make sure that you are passing the appropriate IDType (TNExternalID) from your calling service/pipeline.



What is the exact error?paste the error here.

Also as Tahira says,please make sure the ExternalID retrieved from TN is the valid data mapping in the send service.


I was getting the following message: Unable to get profile(s) from TN, After reading Tahira’s post, I realized that on my receiver profile, I had selected the Internal IS as the input to the send service. DUH?!? Thanks for being so helpful/patient with us newbies!!!

Thanks to you both!!!

Unable to get profile(s) from TN for RECEIVE – %receiverID/id% & DUNS & SENDER – %senderID/id% & DUNS


Error while attempting to send file via AS2 protocol

com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException:Unable to get profile(s) from TN for RECEIVE – %receiverID/id% & DUNS & SENDER – %senderID/id% & DUNS

[FONT=Consolas]please healp me regarding on this isuuse[/font]

Where are you getting this error in your custom flow or TNC UI after login?what are you trying to do and got this error?

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