wm.EDIINT:send problem

Hi all,

I’m trying to send an outbound EDI document via AS2 by using the wm.EDIINT:send service. I have set all the parameters of the service but still i receive the following error

“com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException:Unable to get profile(s) from TN”

Anyone that knows what i’m doing wrong?


What is the value you are providing for input variable “ID Type”? If the value is EDIINT AS2, make sure the sender and receiver profiles do have EDIINT AS2 IDs defined.

If you browse through EDIINT:send service, there will be branch statements to get profile details ( wm.EDIINT.util:getProfileFromTN ) for sender and receiver, check, what is the value for ID Type variable in the pipeline.

Make sure the value is same as what you provide to send service.

If not set ID Type to “TNExternalID” to fetch the profile properties.