Unable to forward request to internal server due to error: Read timed out


Need your opinion on the error thrown in reverse invoke server while transferring a file(transferred through FTPS by an external system) through HTTP to internal server.

[ISS.0053.0006C] (tid=807,284,766) Unable to forward request to internal server due to error: Read timed out
followed by
[ISP.0090.0003C] Queuepush failed for file

What has been done so far :watt.net.timeout parameter is doubled from 60 sec to 120 sec in internal server and Max No. of threads in internal server registration ports are doubled from 5 to 10.

Fix level:


Size of the file for which the error was thrown is around 11 MB. (Even 26 MB file got transferred successfully earlier). What may be the reason for this? Appreciate your help on this.


Is it throught FTP or HTTP from RG server?

If yes for FTP then do you have this extended setting also in place?

watt.net.ftpConnTimeout -->(make sure you have minimum of 5 mins in place)

Also for tSpace (large documents)



Thank you for the suggestion. It is HTTP transfer from RG to internal server. Hope last 2 settings are common for both HTTP and FTP transfer.

watt.server.keepAliveTimeout should be kept in internal server only, if I’m right? Or it should be in RG?

Yes Internal server only:

Also did you enable any private thread pool on the Internal server on the Registration Internal port connecting from RG?

Private Threadpool Configuration

yes, Max connections I doubled from 5 to 10.

Which max connections?

Thread Pool Configuration → Max Connections of registration ports.

Set up this way and try:

Private Threadpool Configuration

[TABLE=“class: tableView”]
[TD=“class: oddrow”]Threadpool Min[/TD]
[TD=“class: oddrowdata-l”] 1 [/TD]
[TD=“class: evenrow”]Threadpool Max[/TD]
[TD=“class: evenrowdata-l”] 200 [/TD]
[TD=“class: oddrow”]Thread Priority[/TD]
[TD=“class: oddrowdata-l”] 5 [/TD]

Thanks for the suggestion, will try that. One question regarding EDIINT MDN, getting below error in TN activity log: “MDN Disposition: automatic-action/MDN-sent-automatically; processed/error: unexpected-processing-error”.
Client getting errors like: One was “The receipt was unsigned”, the other was “The Message ID returned by the server does not match”. Any suggestions on how to check this?

Please check with your TP whether the MDN is being sent signed?

Also when you send EDIINT message outbound from your system are you requesting a signed MDN in the EDIINT:send service?

Yes, MDN is sent signed. Our system receives and sends out MDN, there is no outbound communication. One more error partner is getting: “The Message Integrity Check returned by the Server is incorrect”. But I don’t see any errors in server logs and in TN, the file sent by partner is received with status message: “System status is DONE; user status is ProcessMsg:PAYLOAD”
MDN: “System status is DONE; user status is SendMDNMsg:DONE”

Error indicates problem could be with the certs or network security issue while transmitting/Decrypting the MDN payload. Please do search on the Empower also.

You may need to work with the TP and troubleshoot it…I have seen these type of funky errors and some times it works and not works due to changes in the environment or network changes we never know.

But what did your TP says?..Is this issue in production setup?


Since no errors reported in server side, it is kind of wild goose chase. TP is checking on his side for errors on his side if any. It is pretty much clear on server side.

let us see what they say…Did you raise the logging level to debug / trace while testing?

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