Multiple XML documents for testing

My requirement is I need to create multiple XML documents in Trading Networks and push them at the same time to webMethods. How do I create new XML documents and insert them in Trading networks?

XML documents wont let split for you…Basically you have to invoke multiple calls for routeXML service for routing to TN.

What are you trying to do and elaborate it??


we can only send one xml doc at time from a service to TN,so create different set of services and submitt xml docs to TN separately and specify schedulers to trigger this all services at same time,so your job is accomplished.i expect this answers your question

I have the following error in my server logs

2008-05-09 17:32:21 EDT [PRT.0101.0376E] *** Error invoking step N10 (Recv_OrderCreate202_From_Elemica:processRequest): Error trapped in service: ElemicaPartner.inbound.OrderCreate:receiveOrderCreate

Error: pipeline\OrderCreateSellSide_new (The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open)

Occured at: 2008/05/09 17:32:21.159

Service Call Stack:



This issue occured when multiple XML documents were pushed from TN to webMethods at the same time. When I looked at the code in production I saw that the Save Pipeline to File service was enabled. I think the issue is with the save pipeline to file service being enabled.

So now I need to test the scenario after disabling the save pipeline to file service by dummying up multiple XML documents in TN and pushing them to webMethods at the same time. How can I do that?

(Right now the XML documents are being pushed to TN through HTTPS)

I assume that you are talking about pushing the document from TN to IS. Whenever you send any document to TN, TN rules perform specific function with that document, in your case it will be routed to any specific service in IS.

You should never have Save piple(to File) in production. So I would recommend to just take that step off.

Now to the main point, if you are sending multiple document to TN they will be processed seperately and you don’t have to do any extra thing for that but if you are sending one large XML document to TN then you have to split that in your service which will be called by TN rule or have a gateway service to split the document before sending it to TN.


Why do you think SavePipeline causing the issue?? Is that XML document already persisted in TN?? The error shows the conversation steps failing in the TN when processing the XML…Is your processing rule getting kickedoff??



I have checked in the TN and I see the message for this PO as document persisted. I am also sure that the processing rule is kicking off as other POs are getting transmitted.

I have the following error message in my server logs

pub.client:http Connection timed out: connect Stack trace data … 30d5e7e026f911dd8d2a93f317e073c5 NULL 30d5e7e026f911dd8d2a93f317e073c5

Here we are trying to send a EDI document (Outbound) to our partner through TN via HTTPS

Does anyone know why we are getting this error?

Looks its a different issue you have now…Generally http/s Connection timeout issues can be handled taking help from your network team or partner side folks…

Are they aware of this issue?

Also Increase the IS logging level (8 or 10) and check the Server/error logs behind the scenes.