Unable to display Property Group conditionally

We have the below requirements. Could you pls help me to display the UI Components based on flag and suggest an approach to achieve this functionality?

  1. We have “Update Customer” Portlet/screen in which users can edit the “Customer Information” and then they click on “Cleanse” Async Command button to cleanse the data and it invoke “cleanseCustomer” Flow service inside a “cleanseAction” method.
  2. If the Cleanse service returns a List of Customer Information then we need to display that information in a table along with Validation Error message. So I created a Property group in the same Portlet/screen and added a Async Table and did necessary bindings to display the date from “cleanseCustomer” service.
  3. I have created a Boolean Data variable “isActiveCustomerFound” and set the binding Expression to “Rendered” property of “Property Group”.
  4. In “initialize” method, I gave the value as “isActiveCustomerFound = false” so that “Property group” is not visible on Page load
  5. When the user clicks on “Cleanse button”, I am calling “cleanseAction” method and setting the value as “isActiveCustomerFound = true” after getting the results from IS service. But the screen is not showing the Property group that contains the Async Table.

Could you pls suggest how I can display the Property group and achieve my requirement.


What’s the refresh of “Cleanse button”?

Hi Pradeep,

Make sure that the output of your ‘cleanseAction’ has boolean variable which has ‘true’ and it’s getting assigned to ‘isActiveCustomerFound’.

You can achieve this by the below:

  1. In your message bean create a new action called ‘newaction()’.
  2. This action should be get called when you click the ‘cleanse button’ from your UI page.
  3. In the ‘Data Flow Implementation’ of ‘newaction()’ assign the boolean value ‘true’ which is the outcome of ‘cleanseAction’ to ‘isActiveCustomerFound’

This solves your problem.

Hi Xiaowei,

Looks like just he named the button as ‘Cleanse Button’ (my guess).

  • Sam.