I have a screen with a Combodyn, a button and a Textgrid with two columns. On the Combodyn there is a flush method (to server), a display property and a status property.

Something interesting is happening.

When the flush method on the Combodyn is triggered (by choosing a value), I set the Display property to "TRUE’ (display only) in the program.

If you then go and sort one of the columns by clicking on it, and then click on the button (which is simply an escape bottom out of a repeat loop), I get a SOC 4.

If I remove the line of code where I set the Display property of the Combodyn to "TRUE’, and go through all the above actions, everything works fine.

I include the XML and Natural program. Any ideas as to what is happening here?
WBTEST-P.txt (3.06 KB)

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