Unable to Create Database !!!

Hello Friends,

Plz help me out of this problem…

i am unable to create a database… becoz of some database key allocation problem. Below i am typing a List of errors which is occuring while it try to create a database…

(1) Could not allocate database key for database NewDB INOAAE0173 2002-03-08 14:50:39
(2) Could not create database, cleaning up now INOAAI0770 2002-03-08 14:50:39
fail - query registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Software AG\Tamino\servers\NewDB\ID INOAAE0753 2002-03-08 14:50:39
(3)The “Create Database” function failed INOAAE0459 2002-03-08 14:50:39

Thanx & regards
Pratiksha Jha

sorry for addressing your problem so late.
Can you give some more hints/details about what you have done and on which system?

Thanx for ur response.

I have installed Tamino Server in Windows NT with Service Pack 6 in it. As required i have installed apache as a service before installing Tamino. I have followed all the installation instructions, still unable to create a database. I tried quite a few times to uninstall and install the Tamino server, but never succeeded in creating the database.
Later i tried installing the Tamino server in some other system of my colleague, there i found its working fine and i was able to create a database.
Finally i started using my colleague’s system as a server and accessing his server from my system.
Still surprised, why my Tamino Server is not working???

Pratiksha Jha