Unable to create a package "GeneralDefault"


I am trying to create a package named “GeneralDefault” using wM 6.1 developer.

I can see that there is NO package with GeneralDefault name - however a popup window comes up saying that “Package GeneralDefault already exists”.

Its true that I tried to import this GeneralDefault package earlier, but failed to do so and it did not show up in developer.

The folder under GeneralDefault shows up in the Administrator page under the package management in folders.

I however CANNOT see the package GeneralDefault in admin page also, just the folders show up.

Can some one please advice?


probably the package already exists and is disabled…plz look under package management in administartor page (http://localhost:5555)and delete the package before you create the same package …hope this helps…

Hi Christina,

Supplimenting Saritha reply, If you don’t see GeneralDefault package using webM Admin and hence unable to delete that way, then explore the directroy \packages\GeneralDefault and delete it.


I deleted this \packages\GeneralDefault.

It allows creation of the Package GeneralDefault - however GeneralDefault does not show up in wM Developer. If I try to create it one more time, it says GeneralDefault already exist.

This is not helping.


Hi Christina,
You wrote:
“It allows creation of the Package GeneralDefault - however GeneralDefault does not show up in wM Developer.”

Do you mean that after you deleted this folder, Developer allowed you to create this package but the package didn’t show up in Developer?

Do as follows:
1> Close the Developer.
2> Delete the folder \packages\GeneralDefault. Make sure everything under this directory get deleted.
3> Re-start IS. Start Developer. In Developer, you shouldn’t see any package named GeneralDefault.
4> In Developer, create a new package GeneralDefault.

Let us know if it still doesn’t show package GeneralDefault in the Developer?

  • Bhawesh.

Bhawesh - thanks this one helps !!!

Hi Christina,
Glad to know it worked. Some times if things don’t work as expected and you are sure that you are doing right. Just do this trick and it will work. This is true not only for webM but for any application, including MS Windows.

  • Bhawesh.