Unable to connect to resource for NO_TRANSACTION connection

Hello, folks,

did someone get the similar problem as me?

in my IS (7.1.2), JDBC adapter 6.5, we have JDBC connection of NO_TRANSACTION type that connects to the oracle 10gr2 database. recently one of our query service failed because of “Unable to connect to resource EHIP_XDB_Adapter.connections:no_txn_conn. The resource is already being used in a parent transaction”. From my experience, that could happen when use the LOCAL_TRANSACTION type connection inside the transaction control service. but for this one, we don’t even have any transaction control service use this connection. it’s weird

We solved this by restart the IS. but why this happen? is it from JDBC Adapter’s bug?

please share with me your solution, thanks in advance.

Hi Richard,

Just ensure that none of the adapter services using the connection EHIP_XDB_Adapter.connections:no_txn_conn are not being used as part of another connection which is of type LOCAL_Transaction. We had a similar issue where we found this conflicting use of adapter service within the service. Hope this helps.