Unable to connect to Data collector

Hi, we made a change to the SNMP alert settings for an environment, and after deploying the change restarted the o4i services and data collector etc…

When it came back on, we’ve been unable to access rules or anything that uses these, and can no longer deploy the environment. We get the error:

[color=red]Error deploying logical server type “Infrastructure Data Collector v8.0.3.0” version “” to host “”
Deployment Error: com.wm.net.NetException: [ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: [ISS.0084.9001] Invalid credentials
One or more of the following configurations could not be deployed

System Identity
System Endpoint Registry
Configuration type “Collector Settings” version “”
Configuration type “Broker Resource Module Settings” version “”
Configuration type “IS Resource Module Settings” version “”
Configuration type “JNDI Configuration” version “”

Deployed logical server “Analytic Engine v8.0.3.0” version “” to host “X”[/color]

Any ideas where the credentials are stored for me to check them?


2016-01-19 13:33:27 GMT [ISS.0053.0002C] Access denied for user Administrator on port 15005 -> ‘invoke/wm.server/connect’ from ipAddress

Calvin – Please share wM version, fix levels.


Hi Calvin,

there are tables in the MWS database schema where the environment configuration is stored.
One of them also contains the Administrator credentials.

Additionally these credentials should be stored under profiles/InfraDC/configuration or nearby under the optimize installation root.

These table names start with “CCS_” (for Central Configuration Storage).


Restart IDC once and check if that helps.

Restarted DC and it seemed to work fine. Strange.

Yes it does 8)