Unable to change user from Administrator Access Profile to Regular User Access Profile

I am logged into AgileApps as an Administrator for my Access Profile.

I am trying to change another user to have a Regular User Access Profile. They currently have an Administrator Access Profile.

When I save the record, I get the following error message:

•You cannot assign a permission you do not have to an Access Profile

Any ideas why this is happening?

Hi Howard,

Thanks for your question.

System displays this error when the logged-in user tries to add any attribute(s) to the other user’s access-profile which he himself doesn’t have it.

Means, if user A (the logged-in user) doesn’t have permission for Import and Export Data attribute in his access-profile and tries to update the access-profile of user B (any other user present in AgileApps) and enable the permission for Import and Export Data attribute, the system will show the same message.


Hi Sanjay,

I understand your explanation, but I do not see how it explains the problem I am having.

In this case, I am logged in with the default Administrator Access Profile, meaning the “Administrative Permissions” checkbox is checked. In other words, I have all permissions.

I am trying to change a person who’s Access Profile is also the default Administrator Access Profile to the default Regular User Access Profile.

As an Administrator Access Profile, I have all permissions. Therefore, I cannot see any reason why I could not change a user to the Regular User Access Profile.

Hi Howard,

User holding default administrator access profile are allowed to change the other users access profiles irrespective of any permisssion.

I think you are facing this issue in onpremise version. This might be because of cache problem on on-premise side.

Shashank G