Unable to Activate API ( Activation Failed as soap1.1 version is not selected in entry protocol

Hi All,

I am trying to activate an API and has added a Transport Protocol to enable HTTP or HTTPS and Soap version as SOAP 1.1 .

But I am receiving Activation failed error as shown in the attachment.

Could you please let me know if I missed anything when activating the API?

Hi Prasad,

Can you send us the exported API?

Attaching the exported API from API Gateway.

Also just to add , I am trying this in SoftwareAG 10.5 version API Gateway. I am upgrading from 9.12 to 10.5. This API is working fine in 9.12 version using Centrasite and Mediator.
VS_checkSAPEWMConnection.zip (6.12 KB)

@Prasad_Gandhavalla5 the import seems to be working just fine and the API is getting activated with no issues.
Tested this on 10.5 version. Would you mind deleting and re-importing the shared API project.

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I imported this on API Gateway on 10.5 on SAG cloud API gateway and it is getting activated without any issues.

Please re-import this by deleting existing one.

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Hi Firoz,

The issue still persists and we have observed that the last modified API will never get activated. For example if I have 5 APIs, the 5th one will never gets activated. Need to create a 6th api and then try enabling the 5th one. Working with SAG to get the latest fix on it.

Prasad G

Hi Prasad, Any further update on this from SAG Ops team regarding fix details? Please do post the fix outcome!!