Error on consume a previous version of API Gateway's API on Integration Server

Product/components used and version/fix level:

API Gateway 10.5
Integration Server 10.5

Detailed explanation of the problem:

I have an API in API Gateway. My API’s name is VS_MyFirstAPI (SOAP). VS_MyFirstAPI has 1.0 version and currently is consumed by IS on this version. In IS I have a WS Consumer of VS_MyFirstAPI. At this point everything is ok.

Then, I ve deployed a new 2.0 version of VS_MyFirstAPI on API Gateway. And I got this scenarios:

  1. When both of version of VS_MyFirstAPI are enabled, the currently connectors on IS show the following error on consuming.
  2. If I create new consumers by SOAP UI (for example) for both of versions, then both of them work perfectly desplite both of version are enabled on API Gatewat…
  3. If I create a new consumer by IS of 1.0 version, then this NEW implementation works perfectly (the number one in this list is not working yet) despite both of version are enabled on API Gateway.
  4. If I disable the 2.0 version of my VS_MyFirstAPI (only 1.0 version enabled), then the number one in this list implementation works perfectly!
  5. If I create a new consumer by IS of 2.0 version when both version are enabled works perfectly.

Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Customer License.

If all of these items are really just learning/exploratory activities, that’s great.

I would caution about jumping into versioning simply because a tool has facilities for it. You may find this article and subsequent discussion to be of interest.

There is a reference to an article there that states: “Most APIs don’t need versioning.” Do whatever you can to avoid versioning and focus on non-breaking changes.

Also, your examples note you’re creating SOAP. Another favor you can do for yourself is avoid that if at all possible. :slight_smile:

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Without specific details or context, it is challenging to provide an accurate answer regarding the error message you mentioned. However, here are a few general suggestions that may help resolve the issue when consuming a of API Gateway’s API on an Integration Server

  1. Check compatibility: Ensure that the version of the API Gateway and the Integration Server are compatible. Different versions may have different features, protocols, or configurations, which could cause compatibility issues.

  2. Update dependencies: Verify that all the required dependencies and libraries for the API Gateway and Integration Server are up to date. Outdated dependencies may lead to compatibility problems and errors.

  3. Review API changes: Examine the release notes, documentation, or changelog for both the API Gateway and Integration Server. Look for any changes or deprecations in the previous version of the API that might affect its consumption on

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