Postman with free trial API Gateway

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Free trial API Gateway

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I tried to call un API from postman with the get method on my laptop

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:

On th post man application i have this return

400 Bad Request

400 Bad Request


If i tried in firefox i have this one :
API Gateway encountered an error. Error Message: Transport protocol not supported… Request Details: Service - ServiceTest, Operation - /methodTest, Invocation Time:3:30:36 PM, Date:Jan 3, 2024, Client IP - XXXXXX, User - Default and Application:null

Is it possible to call API in free trail API GATEWAY from post man ?

This is the part of the error to focus upon. Confirm the API configuration in API GW.

Side note: Be aware that Postman stores ALL of your collections and settings on Postman servers. If (when) Postman servers are breached, your sensitive info may be compromised. Just be aware. (This is why I stopped using Postman and moved to another tool.)

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This is due to the unsupported transport. Go to API Details page → Policies → Transport → Enable Http/Https and select both. See if this helps.

thanks, I was using https on firefox and had only http enabled on the API.

In Firefox it works, so why with postman on my PC does it not work?

@Praveen_Kumar_Vaidyanathan1 I was attempting to “teach a person to fish” rather than “give a person a fish” :slight_smile:

@Clement Browsers can automatically try the “other” scheme if one doesn’t work. Postman does not.

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i’m using API Gateway trial (

it’s fine and success

i’m using Basic Auth or OAuth , this is my sampling capture


please check your configuration and API Gateway Settings


Now with the APIKey that work s with postman on my computer and from the postman website

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