Unable to access admin folder in wmArt


I need to access to the folder admin which is in the packages wmArt through the developer but I can’t, even if I want to do it through the IS interface. So I see that I can with the package management start up this services like you can see here :

But when I try, it send me this following error :

Cannot perform operation without List ACL privileges on wm.art.admin:startup

So I don’t understand why because the user with which I am connected seems to be in all the ACLs and I can access de folder dev in this package. So I am looking for a solution to ix my problem because I need to see how the services which are in this folder work.

PS : Sorry if my English isn’t good !

Hi Nabil,

this is not possible as there is no source available for these services.
These services are intended for internal use only.

You should only use the services under pub.art which are described in the IS Built-In-Services Reference.
If you need to know who this works you should have a look at the component Adapter Development Kit, which contains an additional package called WmSampleAdapter.

If you have specific questions related to this you can ask them in the Adapters and E-Standards forum under the webMethods Integration section.



Thank you for your answer but I didn’t understand why they allow us to use it in a flow service if we can’t see how does it works. I have a service that call it in remote but it doesn’t work so that’s a litlle weird. In any case thank you for yours answer.



Hi Nabil,

please check if there is a pub.art equivalent service for your task.

Services from pub.art-folder can be used in custom code.
Services from wm.art-folder should not be used in custom code-

If you think that there is an issue with this service you should open a support incident in Empower.