unable ti start MWS


I tried to start MWS but following error occured:

c:\webMethods7\MWS\server\default\bin>run.bat -s localhost -m start
JAVA_HOME: C:\webMethods7\jvm\win150
MWS_HOME: c:\webMethods7\MWS

ERROR: My webMethods Server “localhost” instance does not exist
Please create this server instance using “new” command

I also tried to create server instance using following command but it failed:

c:\webMethods7\MWS\server\default\bin>mws new -Dserver.name=testmws -Dhttp.port=8585 -Ddb.type=oracle -Ddb.url=jdbc:wm:oracle://localhost:1521;serviceName=orcl1
-Ddb.username=Administrator -Ddb.password=manage
‘mws’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Please suggest me the procedure to start mws.


Even I face the above issue. Can someone plz reply.

your server instance name is not ‘localhost’. From the path in your example, your server instance name is acutally ‘default’.

So use ‘default’ as the value of the ‘-s’ argument like this:

 c:\webMethods7\MWS\server\default\bin>run.bat -s default -m start

…or you can just omit the “-s default” arguments since they are the same as the default values like this:

 c:\webMethods7\MWS\server\default\bin>run.bat -m start

The -s parameter and ‘run’ action is intended to be used from c:\webmethods7\mws\bin>mws.bat to specify which node you would like to run (e.g. mws.bat -s testmws run). If no -s parameter is specified, it defaults to node ‘default’.

Otherwise, try simply executing c:\webmethods7\mws\server\default\bin>run.bat