Mywebmethod Sever Startup Problem

i have installed Mywebmethod server 7.1
while starting the server the service name webMethods MwS is not there in controlpanel—>adminstative tools—>services

and i tried in localhost:8585 page not dispayed because of server not running…

Could you please any one provide the solution for this??


There maybe dozens of reasons for failure. You can check MWS server logs. And My bet is on DB configuration.


Go to Portal server installed directory


Go to above path and run that startup command, server will start then

If it is windows - startup.bat
if it is Unix-

In a command prompt, go to \MWS\bin and run “mws install service”
this will create a service under "controlpanel—>adminstative tools—>services"
then u can start it from there

run “mws installservice” as shown below
C:\webmethods\MWS\bin>mws installservice

Hi mja4wm,
while executing i am facing below error,access denied.

F:\webMethods7.1\MWS\bin>mws installservice
JAVA_HOME: f:\webMethods7.1\jvm\win150
MWS_HOME: F:\webMethods7.1\MWS
Error while checking to see if service is installed: Access is denied.

How to provide access?

check whether u have admistrative access on your system

Hi, I am using admin account only…

Problem Solved…My webmethod started successfully,The problm is because of DB scripts:)

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