Must have at least one server node defined


I had to reinstall the database used by the MWS,

Now when I restart the MWS I got the following exception

2011-05-11 20:51:14 BST (Framework : FATAL) - [POP.005.0026] Must have at least
one server node defined
com.webmethods.portal.PortalException: [POP.005.0026] Must have at least one ser
ver node defined
at com.webmethods.portal.system.cluster.impl.ClusterProvider.validateCon
at com.webmethods.portal.system.cluster.impl.ClusterProvider.init(Cluste

I have to reinstall all the MWS? any way to overcome the problem?

Thanks in Advance

When you reinstalled the MWS database, did you delete and recreate the MWS server?

My guess is that you didn’t. As a result, the MWS server (probably ‘default’) is out-of-sync with the database, because it believes that it has already been initialized.

After recreating the MWS database, you should run the delete and new commands from mws.bat|

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot, it solved the problem.

I’ve got now an exception when the MWS starts but I still can deploy and execute my applications.


I have successfully deleted the default server with the delete command. When I have tried to create a new istance with the following command:
/app/webmethods/MWS82/MWS/bin> new -Ddb.type=oracle Ddb.url=“jdbc:wm:oracle://localhost:1521;ServiceName=xxx” -Ddb.username=xxx -Ddb.password=xxx
I have obtained the error
Unknown argument: -Xjit:disableInlining,exclude={com/webmethods/portal/service/meta2/access/impl/RightSet*
ant [options] [target [target2 [target3] …]]

new.log file is absent :frowning:

Could you please suggest a solution?

Many thanks in advance.


complete nohup.out:
JAVA_HOME: /app/webmethods/MWS82/jvm/jvm160_64
MWS_HOME: /app/webmethods/MWS82/MWS
Creating new server instance…
Unknown argument: -Xjit:disableInlining,exclude={com/webmethods/portal/service/meta2/access/impl/RightSet*
ant [options] [target [target2 [target3] …]]
-help, -h print this message
-projecthelp, -p print project help information
-version print the version information and exit
-diagnostics print information that might be helpful to
diagnose or report problems.
-quiet, -q be extra quiet
-verbose, -v be extra verbose
-debug, -d print debugging information
-emacs, -e produce logging information without adornments
-lib specifies a path to search for jars and classes
-logfile use given file for log
-l ‘’
-logger the class which is to perform logging
-listener add an instance of class as a project listener
-noinput do not allow interactive input
-buildfile use given buildfile
-file ‘’
-f ‘’
-D= use value for given property
-keep-going, -k execute all targets that do not depend
on failed target(s)
-propertyfile load all properties from file with -D
properties taking precedence
-inputhandler the class which will handle input requests
-find (s)earch for buildfile towards the root of
-s the filesystem and use it
-nice number A niceness value for the main thread:
1 (lowest) to 10 (highest); 5 is the default
-nouserlib Run ant without using the jar files from
-noclasspath Run ant without using CLASSPATH
-autoproxy Java1.5+: use the OS proxy settings
-main override Ant’s normal entry point

FAILED to create new server instance. Please see new.log for details