ULD File in readable format

We’re running Adabas 8.5.2 and this is on Test environment

I just returned to supporting Adabas after many years of absence. Please tell me if it is possible to run ULD File utility, and write data to a file in readable format or can this only achieved by writing a natural program? This is no clear on the manual

There are no abnormal treminations, but the customer wants the data in a readable format. Please help me.

It depends on what you deem “readable”.

An UNLOAD by itself will definitely not be enough, it would also need a DECOMPRESS, but even then you are facing variable-length records with count bytes for MUs and PEs.

So to get a plain, “readable” text file you would also need to supply FORMAT statements to create fixed length records and probably transform binary data,

Thank you much for your response.

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