ADABAS file unload

I have been trying to unload an ADABAS file using ADAUTIL. While trying to DECOMPRESS, the syntax used is -
ADACMP DECOMPRESS INFILE = # (# is the File we are trying to unload). This results in all the records being written in the error file. The error is due to a NC (Null Compression) field present in the file.

I would like to know, how can I unload an ADABAS file, having a NC field?

One probable solution is to use FORMAT parameter, but that gives an extracted file with a different format.

How can we unload an ADABAS file, having NC field, without using FORMAT parameter?

I suspect this is completely readable - it is just not text. Look at the record in hex.

Your statistics show no records were read/written. Possibly because of syntactically correct jcl and/or control statements that are still not what you want.

Please open an incident with Software AG support for this.

Yes. The option NC gives the correct data in hex.