Unload ADABAS table data to dataset

I want to UNLOAD ADABAS table to a mainframe dataset.Can some one guide me through the process.
I have programs and JCL for other tables but I have been assigned new tables and need to UNLOAD those.

I tried using old programs and but faced compile(STOWED) time errors

Note: We are running Natural V2.2.8


Natural 2.2.8 is about 12 - 14 years out of support. However, if you are encountering errors, it is usually helpful to include the error messages you are getting. At this point, we have no way to tell if you have a simple syntax error, typo, missing DDM, incorrect field name, database down…So, start with what the error message(s) are telling you and correct those.

If you’re really lost, try posting the program (if less than ~100 lines) or significant snippets of it so we can give some guidance - perhaps you are missing data definitions from the DEFINE DATA area? You need to include different “LOCAL USING xx” where “xx” is a local data area name containing the data definitions for your tables? Or the program has no DEFINE DATA (suggesting a “reporting mode” program), then you need to find the DDM for the tables you are trying to unload: can you do a “LIST FILE tablename” at a NEXT prompt? If not, your Natural Administrator will have to make the DDM available to you.

Have you considered to use the Adabas utility to unload the table?

I was able to resolve my error in one program and will post if get any errors for other programs.

@Mogens : Which utility are you talking about and how to use it ? I have Natural 2.2.8 running.


It is the Adabas utility ADAULD. But the table is still compressed form, so I believe you will also need to run the decompress utility (ADACMP function DECOMPRESS).

ADACMP can also perform both unload+decompress in one step (ADACMP DECOMPRESS INFILE).

The Adabas utilities in not related to any Natural version.