UDDI Plugin for Eclipse

Will that work for the IBM developer Websphere Integration Developer it is based on Eclipse but have thought about installing it there.

Hi Kevin,

As I recall, we tried to install CentraSite plugins on IBM WID and it didn’t go well. WID was handling plugins differently than the generic Eclipse distribution. That was years ago though, maybe IBM made some changes since then…


Hi Kevin,
what Eclipse version is WID based on?

The current CentraSite 8.2.2 plugins are tested against Eclipse 3.6. You should be able to point your eclipse towards the local update site within SoftwareAG\eclipse\updates\CentraSiteUpdateSite.zip


When will eclipse Juno be supported version 4.2 as your latest post shows only 3.6 which is a bit out of date released in 2010.

Hi Kevin
Version 9 will ship with Helios(3.6). The switch to 4.2 is planned for a SP release after 9.



I have installed the Centrasite Community Edition from the image file CSCEWindowsX86.zip for Windows 7 32 bit.
I installed it successfully.

As part of some post installation process, I tried to install the centrasite plug-ins in the eclipse (version 4.3) in my machine.

The documentation suggests below:

“…Choose Archive and navigate to the following location: /eclipse/updates.
There you will find the zip file CentraSiteUpdateSite.zip. Select this file, and click Open to return
to the Add Repository dialog, then click OK…”

However I am unable to find the CentraSiteUpdateSite.zip in the said location.

Plese suggest where we can downloas the plugin.