Two profiles for one partner

When we have a single partner talking to two different departments of our enterprise, how do we create profiles for them?. Do we have to create two profiles?. I am not able to create two partner profiles with same external ids (i.e. DUNS). Eventhough the partner is same we might have to use different delivery methods for him as he is integrating with two departments.

Any inputs would be appreciated.

You can create a profile with multiple external IDs of the same type, except for the ID type that is configured as required (by default, this is the DUNS ID). In other words, a single profile can have multiple Mutually Defined IDs, multiple EULER IDs, multiple DUNS+4 IDs, but only one DUNS ID. One needs to be careful to not have two different profiles with the same value for a given external ID type–otherwise a document will have an ambiguous sender or receiver.

As you found, two profiles with the same required external ID cannot be created.

Each profile can have multiple transports defined. Primary HTTP, Secondary HTTP, Primary FTP, etc.

You may be able to set up a profile with the definitions you desire. The task then is to figure out how to decide which transport to use. Will it be based on document type? Document content? Sender? Based on the routing criteria you should be able to define a processing rule to send the document to the right place.