Two doubts 1) How to import a package , 2) Hot to make a copy (explained in detial..)

Hello friends , have two doubts.

  1. How to import a package. We basically export a package by clicking File-> Export and it creates a backup.
    Now lets say i delete that package from web Methodds. so then how do i reload that package, and most importantly when i say export , does it exports every thing ??

  2. This is one is really important.
    I have create a package which my application containing lots ofjava , flow services, all the code, everything …
    now i have to create another application which is exatly same as this one except few changes in the Globals.
    So how do i acheive this coz when i copy all the services in my current package and copy it to other package , the services still refer to my old package.
    Please do help me as the second one is really important one …


  1. Place the exported package in your webm_home\IntegrationServer\replicate\inbound folder and then use the IS Administrator’s Packages->Management->Install Inbound Releases function to install the package. This is covered in the IS Administrator’s guide which you should read.
  2. Redesign your original services so that they can read configuration data from a properties file or from some other. Avoid duplicating code to reduce maintenance cost and complexity. Making multiple copies of very similar code is a very bad coding practice no matter what language or tool you are using.