Well here is a new TWB version . I have not found the time to rebuild this version to .NET and I nobody volunteered so I think I just keep extending/improving this version.

So what have I added to this version

1. Exporting schema?s of a collection (TSD or XSD (I strip all the Tamino stuff!))
2. Importing one or more schema?s, i.e. creating new document type(s) and optionally import the data
3. Now you can modify the current Tamino schema. Therefore you will find a new menu option named schema (which you will only see if you selected a document type). Under this menu you will find the submenu items [Enable schema modification], [Modify/define schema] and [Undefine schema]. The last option will effectively remove the document type and its content (of course you need to confirm this action before TWB proceeds).
4. Besides saving the Tamino schema you can now also import a schema from the file system. This is especially useful if you want to define a new schema (see 4.)

The first two options can be found under menu option [File].

With option 2 you can import SCHEMAs AND DATA from an external database directly into you own database. I do not think it is useful for large databases since it will take a long time! But copying (=creating) all schemas is a snapshot.

I first wanted to divide the creation of the schemas and the loading of the data but I have chosen to combine them, since it seems more logical to me.

There is also an extra bonus. Under edit you will find a menu option with which you can modify xml documents in a directory. You can choose to modify the data or the structure. You can specify up to five modifications.

The location of the data or structure to be modified is done with an absolute (X)path.

Another tool which I have found to be very usefull is BK ReplaceEM. This nice piece of search and replace freeware can be found at

This full installation version solves a problem that arose in the previous alpha version, viz. if you try to store a document. The same happened if you try to import documents from another database.

This error situation arises since I forgot to encode the character entity references (&, <, >, ", '). I have extended the Visual C++ COM component URLEncoder (it’s not really neat, I know) to do the job. BTW you can also use this COM component to URL encode and decode your data, something that is missing within VB5/6 (you can drag the ASP object model in your project, but that’s very much like crossing a ditch with a freighter).

The URLEncoder COM object contains three methods

1. URLEncode(String):String, which accepts an string and returns a URL encoded string
2. URLDecode(String):String, which accepts a URL encoded string and returns a decoded string
3. CharacterEntityReferences(String):String, which accepts a string and properly turn the parsed XML characters into character entity references (e.g. & becomes &.

I have written these routines in C++ for performance reasons.

Now if you minimize TWB I will put TWB in the systray, from where it can be activated again.
TWB2.3.1.2.exe (1.2 KB)