Tuning webMethods Broker 6 Performance on Linux

We have compared Linux vs. Windows NT OS performance using webMethods Broker 6.1 on the same computer and found that the Windows OS is outperforming the Linux OS by a factor of 4 to 1. The Brokers task is to publish 2K docs to a Billing Application.

Does anyone know of any tuning that be done on Linux to increase its performance?


You should check out this link. [url=“wmusers.com”]wmusers.com . I’m not sure a whole lot can be done to tune the performance to make up for the difference. Other than the normal stuff, turning off document logging, using filters correctly etc.

I think there is a big inherent difference between the performance of this particular C process on Linux version Windows. It doesn’t appear that webMethods spent a lot of time tuning it for Linux.



Thanks for the quick response providing the link and the performance info. I was shocked to see Windows out performing Linux.