Linux or AIX

We are in the initial stages of defining the Internal Integration platform for our company.
We have a choice to go for Linux or AIX.

I have seen few threads on wmusers. There are few points mentioned like

  1. WebMethods does not support Mainframe adapter on Linux.
  2. WebMethods support only 32 bit JVM on Linux.
  3. Broker performance figures on Linux are not very good compared with Windows and Solaris.

Have anyone done investigation comparing AIX vs Linux ? Which one is the preferred one ?


Both choices are good. It really depends on what you are going to be doing with the IS and broker. ie if broker throughput is very important then I would shy way from this version for Linux. Of course if that is a requirement I would probably be looking at Windows(no I didn’t say this with a completely straight face but they do have good numbers) and Solaris as they have the best numbers by far.

AIX is becoming less mainstream although there a number of customers on it who have had very good success (we run our internal webSphere environment on it with very good success). IBM is tending to embrace Linux more now though. I suspect AIX will get less and less emphasis in the future as the OS wars play out. It’s not going to go away anytime soon.

Hopefully you did not just purchase the Mainframe adapter as it is now a dead product. It will be going end of support in March of 2007. Your salesperson should have told you that. I would highly recommend not developing any solutions using the Mainframe adapter.:mad:

32bit is really an interesting question. Do you have a need for large JVM’s? Greater than 2GB? I tend to favor a more distributed architecture where IS instances have a greater separation of concerns. More numerous and smaller IS instances. I have found that to be more reliable infrastructure although it can increase management overhead. Still if 64bit is a requirement then that is another deciding factor for you.

I do run my reverse invoke servers on Linux (very fast IS but no broker). The primary internal IS servers are Solaris also fast including broker. :cool:

Thanks Mark.

As per our current company standards our infrastructure team recommends us to go for Linux.

As per our current project requirements broker throughput is not that important but we want to make our environment more scalable so that it can adapt more systems in future which may require better broker throughput so really concerned about it.

We do have some old mainframe systems, in future we may require to integrate those too. How we can achieve mainframe integration without Mainframe adapter? It’s a pretty amateur’s question, I haven’t done any investigation with respect to it since its not our current project requirement but for deciding on Linux that is one of the factors.

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"How we can achieve mainframe integration without Mainframe adapter? "

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PS:check this thread by Mark,


Thanks RMG, Mark.

Where can I get the Borker statistics on Linux ? so that I can check whether it meet our project requirements. Since we are seriously thinking about going for Linux now.


The performance test are located on the Advantage site at this link -

You will have to log into Advantage to get them.