Wintel Vs Linux

I have a webMethods B2B servers running on wintel machine and now I am planning to move my servers to Linux or Unix System. Can anyone tell me the detail advantage of WebMethod servers on Linux and Unix Server as compare to Wintel.

Pros to Sol/Linux:

  1. No weekly Microsoft patches, and required reboots.
  2. Maximum Java Memory allocatable goes from 1.4GB to 3.5GB (64GB in 64-bit mode).
  3. Shell Scripts!!!


  1. Solaris machines are generally slower than Wintels. WM claims their services are linked closely to the Speed of the CPU. So, going to a slower CPU may slow your response time.
  2. Linux is a ‘tier2’ OS. So, release, ServicePacks, etc, come out later than Solaris and Windows.
  3. Some adapters, such as SWIFT FIN Module (?) only work on Windows since the .dll’s are only Windows DLLs. I’ve not seen any Solaris adapters that don’t work on Windows though.

The webMethods software will behave the same regardless of what operating system you’re using.

If you’re talking about using the same hardware for either Linux or UNIX (I assume you mean Solaris) as you’re currently using for Windows, then the performance will be pretty much the same. In our lab tests, we don’t see more than a 10% difference in most cases.

If you’re talking about different hardware (such as Wintel vs. SPARC/Solaris or POWER/AIX), then it’s an apples-to-oranges comparison, and there’s not much that can be said.

Of course there are other issues besides performance in deciding to switch from Windows to Linux or UNIX, such as manageability, license costs, security, etc. Those are much harder to quantify generically.

If you can be more specific what you’re asking about, I’ll try to add some thoughts.

Actually I am using two webMethods Server in clustered environmaent and there are so many application using its services. I am using load balancer to transfer execute services depends upon the health of server but still I found lot of performance issue sometimes one took 1 hour n sometimes it took more than 2 hours and I also veryfy that all the required parameters are same. So many time I have to restart the server. I heard that Linux/Unix has much better performance than windows.I m also planning to use LDAP . So can you please let me know in Detail the pros n cons.

We also are struggling with out Windows Cluster - I would much prefer to be on Unix and in a HA mode as opposed to a cluster - I’m not a fan of webMethods clustering and am increasingly finding that Windows is annoying - sorry for the lack of detail - it’s late on Friday and I just wanted to share some of my concerns with you.

Hi Neeraj,

Does your code take 1 hour if it runs without loadbalancer? I bet it takes.

Would you be sure that the code that is running is optimized? If the code itself is shoddy, no matter what infrastructure you use, it would run slow.

Apart from those, you want to look at optimization of your integration server settings to identify what will provide maximum performance.

Any job that is taking that long is bound up in some form. Is this processing large files? Is the process CPU bound? Is it I/O bound?

Has anyone monitored the JVM using jvmstat to make sure you don’t have memory or garbage collection issues?

Do you have custom Java services being executed? It’s well known that this will cause problems since executing these services frequently fork off a separate Java process that is the same size as the IS JVM. Obviously this can cause problems if you don’t have enough memory on a server. This occurs on Solaris and Windows.