Trying to use services of WmRoot

Hi All ,

I am trying to use the services of WmRoot in one of my custom service . However I am not able to map the output of the service of WmRoot package to anyof my services that I am calling in the same service where service from WmRoot is being called . This is because the output of the WmRoot services isn’t showing up in the pipeline . Can anybody suggest me on this ?


The services within WmRoot are not intended for our use. They are not “public” and are not documented. Using them is at your own risk–wM tech support won’t help; future releases may change the service, breaking your code.

If you accept those risks…

You can often determine the name of outputs by simply stepping through to see what the service outputs. Then, in your service where you call the WmRoot service you can create or paste the output variables under the “Service Out” column of the service invoke. Then you can map that var to any place you’d like.

I often create a wrapper service, which defines the needed inputs and outputs and simply calls the WmRoot service. Then, if the service changes I have one place where I can potentially fix things up.

Can u Create a variable and map the output of Wmroot service to that variable in the pipeline and then try to use the variable as input to your service.


There is a server.cnf property to make the WmRoot services viewable, but as mentioned, this is not recommended.