Try and Catch get output variable from a service

Hi all,

I am working on webMethods Designer.

I am facing a little problem.
I have a service (A) with a try and catch implementation.

Service A
Call service B(output variable : Error) : provoquing an error (the error is what i want:) )

debug.log ( Error variable from service B)

I am not ablr to get the output of my Service B on my service A. I got a null answer.

there is another way to get the output from my Service B on my service A ?

Otherwise there is another way to get the last 5 Errors or more ? getLastError provide only 1 Error .

Thanks by advance for your help.

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check the ACLs of service B. You must have read/list and execute.

More on it, what is name of service B? is it a built-in one?

If the service B failed, you can’t get the output of it, because it’s not complete.
If the service B is complete and Error is an output variable, catch sequence will not be executed, you can debug.log it in the next step in Try sequence.

pub.flow:getLastError doesn’t contain only 1 error, you can find the nested error info in field “lastError/nestedErrorInfo”.


thanks a lot for your repplies and advices.
I were abble to get the Error data from getLastError output Document.

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