Trouble http posting of Flat Files to TN

In WM 6.x-
I am trying to simulate how one of my trading partners will post a flat file to me. I’ve created my Gateway service as indicated in the documentation. I’ve used the service to get a file off of my local directory, and this works successfully. Now I am trying to call pub.client:http. I’ve set my URL, the method (post), the loadas (bytes), I pass my string into the data/string variable, I set the auth variables, and I set headers/Content-type to application/x-wmflatfile.

When I run this service the document enters my gateway service and submits the document to TN. The problem is the document is being cut off. If I have 85 lines, half of the 85th line gets cut off. If I have 1 line, half of the 1 line gets cut off.

I’ve read the Flat File Schema Developers Guide.pdf (Sending and Receiving Flat Files) and I am following all the steps, but it is still not working.


Have you tried using the WmTN Service (pass input flatfile stream,TN_Params(SenderID,ReceiverID,DocumentTypeName etc…)and see if this works.

or else try in http service setting loadAs (stream)


I am currently using to send the document to TN. and I’ve tried both byte and stream and they have the same results.

I am getting the document into TN, it is just not complete. Any other thoughts?

I HTTP post the flat file to my gateway service, my gateway service invokes the and the document ends up in TN.

Sorry,still wondering where could be the issue.Will let you know if i catch that.