Tricky UI display

Hi All,

I have a requirement where I need to display a list of elements as a single row(multiple columns). For example I have a Flow service whose output has Document list ‘ABC’ and under the doclist ‘ABC’ I have three string elements ‘str1’, ‘str2’ and ‘str3’. Now str1 should be displayed as a single row. similarly str2 , str3 as a separate single rows.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Try using the Categorized table. It has a property called Ordinal.
If u set this to 1 for a column then the table will be categorized on this column first. So, it’ll be like

Str2 Str3.

I used this control in 7.1.2. The problem with this control in 7.1.2 is we can categorize on only one column.

Can the Table be categorized on more than one column? If so, since which version?

Best reagrds,

No, it can only be categorized on one column.