Trggers are not getting migrated

Hi All,

I am trying to migrate triggers from one environment to another via deployer but it is not getting through.

The only change is in filter condition (from Dev to test). Please advice whether I am missing something here.

Version is 9.x

from which version to which version and what type of triggers. Are you using broker / UM?


If you talking about migrating the messaging system i.e., Broker to UM kindly refer Migrating_from_Broker_to_Universal_Messaging

If its just a code promotion to higher environments installing package manually or via deployer must do it without much issues. So let us know what is the issue and error details might help you to assist further.

Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for your quick reply. Apologies for the wrong version. Bothe IS and Deployer is of 7.1.2 version. Messaging system is Broker.

Also note that We don’t see any specific errors in deployment report in Deployer. Everything is green. But we we checked the target server after deployment, the filter condition in trigger is not inline with source code which we are migrating.

Interesting issue. I did many a times in wM 7x but didn’t see such. Did you reach SAG ?


Not yet. Just trying to figure it out. I will go for it if I am exhausted with all options. :slight_smile:

Have you updated the build and then deployed to the target server ?


can you explain (with Screenshots if possible) what exactly is missing in the deployed trigger?


please share your deployment screen shots and any errors/notification while deploying.

Please check if trigger is not locked in Test environment.