trap events associated to a ressource : Subscription


first of all, apologize my english, please !

I would like to know, in my webapp, when a document opened by a user is closed.
It’s an html document stored on my webdav server, opened with Word thanks to my application.

I have found the method subscribeMethod(String, String, String, long, int, long) in the class WebdavResource.

This method returns a Subscription object.
My purpose is to call a thread which will change a session variable of my application. Thus, with an active waiting, I could launch a jsp in relation with the event I have to treat.

I encounter the two following problems :
1) DELETE_NOTIFICATION, MOVE_NOTIFICATION, NEW_MEMBER_NOTIFICATION, UPDATE_NOTIFICATION are defined. However, I haven’t found any event dealing with closing the document. Any ideas ?
2) I need to transmit my servlet context to the subscription object, because I need to change a session variable. How can I do such a thing ?

Thanks for all.


Hi Eric,

it is right that this forum can provide help in all questions concerning the Tamino WebDAV Server (which, as you might know, is based on Jakarta Slide).

With your question, you are pointing to a new feature of the Slide server and client-side API (notification/events). Unfortunately, you probably will not find qualified advice for this theme in the present forum.

Therefore, I would like to refer you to the Slide-User Mailing List (, where the experts on this feature will be available for help. Here is a link for you to subscribe:

Thanks & regards,