Transporting Extended Fields


We’re setting up a new environment and wish to move partner profiles from our existing landscape to this new landscape. The problem is when we export/import the profiles, since the custom extended fields/groups don’t exist on the new landscape, the extended fields don’t get imported.

We have quite a few custom extended fields, is there a way to not have to recreate all of these fields in the new landscape manually? This would save us alot of work and reduce error of typing in all of these fields… and we’ll have to do this when we move everything to QA/Integration/PROD. I hate to have to do all these steps manually!

Thanks a bunch!

There is indeed. In fact, you MUST migrate them otherwise the extended values associated with the exported profiles will still not import properly.

In TN Console, export the extended field groups and field definitions. Import these to your target environment. This only needs to be done once per environment. Then reimport the profiles.

Keep in mind that the TN export/import are only intended to function properly between two TN instances of the same version. This facility cannot be used to perform upgrades (e.g. 6.1 to 6.5).

There are also scripts in WmTN/bin directory to import and export the whole TN metadata (rules, doctype, extended fields), no transactional data. These script are called and As Rob stated, this only works on same TN versions. Read TN Users guide for more info on how to use these scripts and parameters.

While doing these we have many a times encountered errors. The problem occured because the internal id’s were already taken by a different extended field group. So please be careful while importing extended fields in TN. If internal id’s match across environments then you wont have any issues