Importing extended fields in Trading networks


I imported trading networks profiles from my one instance of TN to another. I was able to import everything except the extended fields.
Is there a way to import extended fields??
Thanks in advance.



yes ofcourse you can export and import Extended fields from TN to another TN but the only issue is their values will not be loaded when you import,so again you have to select particular profile/ExtendedFields you will see the particular Group and fill the values eg:Group- EDIINT–AS1MDNURL like you might have Custom Group.

While exporting use the ExportData Show (All)then scrolldown until you seen the ExtendedFields (ICON)these will be in the last.So select the (Group)eg:EDIINT,Custom and push them to selected Items like you do the profiles/doctypes etc…

let me you if u are not clear…



you can use the script import/export to actually get the values for the extended fields. search this group for tnexport or tnimport.
The files are located in IS\packages\WmTN\bin.
You will find tnimport and tnexport in both .bat and .sh versions.


Check this thread link,as chris mentioned…

If possible follow this approach when doing export/import.


Thanks Chris and RMG,
The link helped me a lot…
Thanks again