creating custom group in extended fields in TN


i am trying to create a custom group in TN patner extended fields.This is what i did

step 1: selected patner
step 2: clicked extended fields tab
step 3: clicked the ‘edit’ button

but the problem is its only allowing me to edit already existing ones but is not allowing me to create a new custom group( and extended fields in the new custom Group).Is there any other way to do this

thanks in advance

and one more thing is that i am trying to export profile from TN dev to QA but while exporting its throwing the following error

[FONT=Helv][SIZE=2]Can not set security data for VerifyCertificateSet: certificate not trusted by Integration Server. Please obtain a Certificate from one of the following Certificate Authorities:

So i deleted the certificates in TN dev for that particular patner and tried exporting profile again but still its showing the same error


i got the answer to create new extended group and fields

click on profile for which you want to create the fields and then click the view/edit button on the top .You will be able to see a new window with standard and extended tabs.Choose Extended and click on new (top right hand corner) and you will be able to define