TN Profiles migration

Hi All

Currently I’m migration my 6.1 TN installation to 7.1 platform
While migrating the TN profiles I could see that they were created in the 7.1 platform BUT without user creation on Integration Server

I’m using the 6.1 TN Console to export the profile and then import on the 7.1 TN Console.
The profile is created without any error and it’s enabled. Also is recognized when processing a document.
The problem is that NO PASSWORD is displayed and also the user is NOT created in Integration Server > Security > User Management
So this will be a “invalid” user / profile because it will not be possible to make authentication on IS/TN or WmTNWeb with it.

If we create a new profile “by hand” on TN console 7.1, we can see that that last step is the “create button” and then it display the password for that profile
That user will be available on Integration Server > Security > User Management and it will be possible to make the login on WmTNWeb

I could see 1 similar report (but in migration from 6.1 to 6.5) but without an answer to the case
Any help on this would be highly appreciated

Note: Nevertheless some features on TN Console 7.1 are deprecated it’s possible to use them by activating the feature “Enable deprecated features”
I did not validate what are the possibilities to use MWS to import TN components but it seems that it’s not related because when creating a new profile all works OK


It is my understanding that using TN Console to export and import is not an officially supported approach for migrating from 6.1 to 7.1. You should follow the upgrade process documentation.

The export/import process is intended for movement of TN elements between environments that have the same TN version.


Migrate from 6.1 to 7.1 using the upgrade procedure:

a) Configure ISInternal to external database and migrate Repo data from 6.1 to 7.1
b) First backup TN database
c) Run the scripts in migrate folder from 6.1 to 7.1
d) Restart IS
e) Configure TN JDBC Pool
f) Restart IS


DISCLAIMER: I’m sharing this with you guys about what we’re doing in a 6.1 -> 7.x migration. Currently we’re in a DEV environment yet, and it worked out so far… :).

This is what we’ve done so far to migrate the TN stuff from one IS 6.1 to a IS 7.x. These IS are shared by the other integrations of the company, therefore a full TN database migration is not a choice.

  1. Migrate the TN objects (export the objects - one type at a file - and then import the objects in the following order:
    . Field Groups
    . Field Definitions
    . External Id Types
    . Contact Types
    . Partner
    . Document Attributes
    . Document Types
    . Processing Rules
    . Agreements
    . Binary Types

  2. Migrate manually the delivery services, public queues configuration. This list is limited to what I had to do.

  3. Run the WmDeployer, from the 6.1 box, to migrate the partner profile users from the 6.1 to the 7.x IS.

Some notes and tips here:

  • although you`re exporting all objects of one kind at a time, try to import only one in the first attempt. This will save you time if something goes wrong;
  • the processing rules will be out of order, you have to order them manually;
  • some processing rules will need manual fixes; in particular we had to fix the ones that referenced EDI doc types.
  • when importing Agreements, you will receive some errors, but they seem to have been imported correctly. We did not tested them yet.