Transaction Analysis Query

When I query in transaction analysis in TN 6.0, I got the oldest order recieved at the top but I want the newest record to be at the top. i click the ‘date recieved’ tab to correct the problem but again when I run query, it shows me oldest record at the top.
Anyone know how to fix this problem.



Click on Date Received tab If triangle points bottom of the screen
you will get new record at top.Try it.


Hi Srinik,
But I want this setting to be a default setting i.e., when I query, the newest record should be at the top without clicking the arrow. I checked the config file in TNconsole–>config–>console. I think some setting should be done here but I am not sure which line has to be changed or added.
I checked on my other pc by quering, and it shows me newest record first. Other pc is running TN 4.6.