is this a bug (sorting)? I think so

Hello everybody,

I’m doing this query:

http://localhost/tamino/Noticias?_xql(1,5)=noticia//fecha sortall(. desc)

and the result isn’t 5 elements, tamino returns all the elements in DB. I have probed in tamino v3.1.1.1 and v.

Has anyone resolved this? if yes how?

Note1: this kind of queries works fine without “sortall”.

Note2: sortby works fine but it doesn’t sort the elements (only sort nodes inside one element).

Thank you in advance!!

sortby can be specified in two places. If you specify it after the root node of a query then it sorts the returned documents into the required order

e.g yacht sortby(details/length)/length

If you specify sortby anywhere else in the query then what you are asking for is an intra document sort, where each document is internally sorted into the required sequence.

As for the sortall returning all the records, I can reproduce that,(and incidentally a successful sortby does also) and I’ll pursue it through the relevant channels.

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