sortby vs sortall

Hello, I’m Wook-jin (Edward), Lee

I use Tamino on Windows XP Professional,
and found an interesting topic.
I ran the following queries…

A : /Document sortby (@ino:id desc)
B : /Document sortall (@ino:id desc)

Both A and B work well,
but B is much slower and need more memory than A.

As I know ‘sortby’ is only intra-document,
so I think if I ran A,
I should receive the unsorted result.

How do you think?

My Question in a word…
1. Is it a bug that Query A is normally run?
2. Why Query B require more time and memory?

Both queries lead to the same result (due to previous versions of Tamion that doesn’t have sortall clause).

I tested them with Tamino They both don’t require postprocessing and seem to have the same performance impact.