Trading Partner amp Enterprise Profile Fields Not Visible


I am using webMethods 6.5.
Trading Partner & Enterprise - Profile Fields Not Visible.
Trying to create a partner profile in TN, on clicking the finish button, it standstill and error is thrown(not in the TN console, in the Administrator Page, I could view the error). I could see the partner values stored on the backend, but I could not view it in the TN console. Could anyone help me in resolving the issue.

2006-01-11 15:44:57 SGT java.lang.NullPointerException Stack trace data … 2962bee0827611da9f7bee3daaa4b47b NULL 2962bee0827611da9f7bee3daaa4b47b
2006-01-11 15:44:15 SGT TRNSERV.000012.000073 Could not set binary object for partner (id=5amb310012p9pbn400000033). Error encountered adding binary objects to the database. (0)

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Madan I am facing the same problem…did you ever find the solution ?