No profile was created

I also try to switch from external database to internal database. But, with using the internal database I still get the “No profile was created” error.

Why? So maybe it is not a problem with the database.

David Chang

Did you install 6.1 fix15 and fix 13 for trading networks console?


For more clarification,
TNC_6-1_Fix13–This fix to be installed on TradingNetworkConsole.

TNS_6-1_Fix15–This fix to be installed on the IS server(Where TN server sits)

this is why they called TNC and TNS on the fixnames.

Please look in the release notes which comes along with in the fix zipfile.


Thanks RMG for clarification

hi guys,
i have the same problem;o(
where from can i download this fixes?

thanx in advance


Here is the link for downloading


Hallo RMG,
thanx for the rapid answer;o) Unfortunately i installed the both fixes, but still when i try to enable My Enterprice Profil i get the following error message :

Profile Data Error

(1) Status was not changed to Active because the profile has the following errors :

(2) Unable to validate the profile because the “PROFVAL_Profile” Document Type has been disabled. Please enable the “PROFVAL_Profile” Document Type.

(3) Unable to validate the extended fields because the “PROFVAL_extFields” Document Type has been disabled. Please enable the “PROFVAL_extFields” Document Type.

any suggestions and help will be appreciated


Make sure PROFVAL_Profile documentType/Extended fields section is really created or in enabled state.

when i click on the “Document types” i can see, that both of them are available and enabled. i tryed to disable them and then again enable, but it doesn’t help;o( i don’t know what can i do;o(

What about Extended Fields section of the profile.Are those created in your Enterprise Profile or you imported the profile with out extended fields?

Sorry if it didnt help much.

no, i created the Profile without extended fields. Nevertheless i appreciate your help;o)

Please contact WM tech support and open an SR for a faster resolution.If i have any clue will let you know sure.

Even i was getting the same error message. Where exactly should we add the “PROFVAL_Profile” document type. Is it through the TN console or through the TN web administrator.

Its nothing to do with TN webAdministrator.

Check this link,and init.xml by initialization does helps.Please try to follow the procedure as mentioned in that thread.


It works fine now. you are great RMG ! I was reading the PDFs that came along with the server, but somehow missed all this. Is there better documentation or manual on Trading Networks which can explain things in a simpler way?


webMethods provides TN documentation when you install the components and documentation libraries…so they will be in this folder TNConsole/doc folder namely.


Please go thru the above you will get enough info on TN.



Did you run the DB scripts for Oracle or SQL Server and JDBC TN Pools?

Its better you drop the TN tables and rerun the scripts,it should work properly ,create pools and test it.


Thank RMG. Now i am able to create the profiles.Thanks for your quick reply.

I want to add a TN Profile List using flow tn.profile.addProfile

I have tried to create a document based on profile instance, but doesn´t work and receive the following error message: <exmlexception>
<info>Could not add partner profile for <null>.</info>

Do anybody have idea how to fix this?