Trading Networks


I am new to Trading Networks,Flatfile and EDI in webMethods.
Can you please let me know which topics will make me understand and give me a good picture about TN functionality w.r.t to the exchange of Flatfiles and EDI.

I have went through the documentations and made some practice but I feel that you experts can guide me in the correct path.

Thanks in advance!!

I have a couple of suggestions for you.

Firstly, Software AG has an education service and they do offer a TN course which covers setup of TN, processing flat files, TN administration etc.

Secondly, Software AG also offer a global consulting service whereby an experienced consultant can work with onsite who can help you with your TN project.

Feel free to continue to ask questions in these forums, but considering that you are new to this subject then I think you would certainly benefit from one or both of those options.