Trading networks

i am receving sap documents(xml) by “https post” by partner to my trading networks server.i have to split the documents according to transaction type and send it to respective mq series queues.i am not familiar with trading networks.can anybody tell me what are the service i have to invoke in order , in wm developer to do this is urgent.any help is appreciated.

You need to define

  1. Document type for all the SAP documents.
  2. Processing Rule for each document
  3. A service for each document type that performs the
    routing to MQ series queues.

1 and 2 are done in TN console. 3 is done in WM developer.
3 is your own service that you write. I am assuming MQ series
is running on a machine other than the one that WM is running.
Also there could be MQ series adapter running, that acts as
go between for WM and MQ series messaging middleware.
In this case of MQ series adapter, you need to consult
adapter API to call correct service from 3.

Hope this helps.