Trading Networks user status updating with unknown value"WaightingforProcessing"

Hi All,

I have an issue,

We had build code,

Initially we will check the bizdoc, if the bizdoc length is null then by using the service we are updating userstatus"Ignored " in TN

if the Bizdoc data is found , we are sending it to SAP outbound.

Based on the status, if successfully updated to SAP we will update the user status to “Processed” by using the service ChangeStatus. Every thing is going fine, but suddenly the user Status had updated by “WaightingForProcessing” which we did not specified in the code.

I had double checked the code and not able to understand why it is happening.

Any help is appreciated.

Prakash. :frowning:


When you are seeing userStatus as “WaightingForProcessing”, did you check with SAP team whether that particular message is been reached to them successfully or not ??